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  • Introduction to 'R' - June 4 - Leuven
  • Publication writing - June 22-23 - LeuvenEffective image editing - June 24 - Leuven
  • Introduction to statistics with 'R' - June 25-26 - Leuven


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Communication is one of the key points in modern health care. Companies have to discuss with health care workers about their new products or devices. Pharmacists need to inform their patients. Researchers have to share their findings with the scientific community. Each requires a different form of communication with its own rules.


In the top 5 of the main reasons for declining scientific manuscripts, bad data, poor language, lack of a story and wrong statistics can be found. We can help you in your study design (to prevent bad data collection), data analysis (to prevent wrong statistics), write your manuscript (to include a story) and edit your text (to prevent poor language).


We can start working from the raw data, build the tables and figures and write the text or we can help you finish a document. We provide guidance through the labyrinth of documents and guidelines in order to improve your communications and to reduce your administrative workload.


Additionally, PharmaXL organizes intensive workshops in order to improve your writing.

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